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Get breaking news and weather alerts on your cell phone.
How do I sign up? Fill out the form below.
Is there a fee? WTHITV.com does not charge for this service. However, message & data rates may apply from your mobile provider. Check with your mobile provider for charges and plans.
When will I get the alerts? You will receive breaking news and severe weather alerts as soon as they are issued. You may receive up to 31 msgs/mo for the Daily Forecast.
Please keep in mind that the total number of alerts you receive will depend on how many alerts you select.  All alert offerings are reoccurring. If you would like to discontinue all text alert subscriptions, text STOP to 36729. Text HELP for help.If you receive the error message Please log in to update your subscriptions, it means the phone number is already in the system. Please click on “Change your alerts” in the form below.If you are not receiving texts (alerts or login PIN): Simply text UPDATE to 36729 to resolve issues.  Subscribers who have changed providers may need to do this as well. Be sure you don not have anything else in your reply like a text signature.
If you enter your information and you get a message that an account is already set up: Simply click on the change your alerts link. It’s possible that someone before had your number signed up. Enter the mobile number you are trying to sign up.
If you get a new phone and number and already have an account: Simply create a new account with your new number, there is no need to enter an email address or your name.
I am still having problems. Who do I contact? Click Here to contact our Digital Department.

To cancel or modify your text alert subscriptions, click the Change Your Alerts link in the upper right of the form above.

If you would like to discontinue all text alert subscriptions, send the following text STOP to 36729.

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