Learn about the “omega block” Ω

When you hear “omega block”, you probably think of a child’s toy or fish oil. The term actually represents a weather pattern.

Keep an eye on the ash trees

You might want to take time to check your ash trees while the weather cooperates. Emerald ash borers aren’t the only threats to ash trees.

Stay Safe From Ticks

You might think you’re safe from disease-carrying ticks just because you avoid walking in deep woods, but that’s not always the case.

Tips to find morels

People across the valley can usually lend a hand when you need it, but we keep our morel mushroom hunting tactics under lock and key.

Get your garden ready for the bugs

The past few days the wind has tried to kill your plants, the frost has tried to wipe out your plants and pretty soon bugs are going to try …

Meaning behind storm outlooks

You might hear members of Storm Team 10 mention storm outlooks on air from time to time, but you might not know what they mean for you.