Simple Solution to improving Vigo County emergency response times

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VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – During the event of an emergency seconds matter. Time can turn a minor issue into a very serious or even life-threatening condition. That’s why Vigo County Dispatch is working to improve response times.

“We like to get them out the door. Get the calls answered, and get the responders to them as soon as we can get that information out there,” said Rob McMullen, Vigo County 911 Director.

Your safety could depend on something as simple as a set of numbers. Several times a week, responders have trouble locating the address provided.

“Nobody wants to plan for an emergency, but it just always happens. When it does happen we tend to be too late, and it delays our response a little bit,” said McMullen.

This has become a growing concern. Especially, for area businesses. Most recently, a call came in from the Light House Mission and dispatch was unaware they moved from Wabash Avenue to 13th Street.

“We knew it burnt, but you don’t have all the information. We were sending folks to the Light House Mission where it used to be. We are the first ones to get the call and the last to know when something changes,” said McMullen.

Dispatchers rely on a county mapping system, but if your address is displayed incorrectly the technology is useless. “Get some sort of reflective signage outside of your house, and make sure your address is listed. If you don’t have an address you are subject to a fine from county ordinance,” explained McMullen.

You can register your address online through Smart 911. This will give dispatchers the information they need at their fingertips. “Those extra seconds, those extra minutes matter a lot when it’s for life and death,” said McMullen.

You can register through Smart 911 at the link.