Make a Difference: Miss Pam

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The best-kept secrets are the ones you never hear about.

For this month’s Make a Difference someone tipped us off to one who goes above and beyond.

For the kids at the Ryves Hall Youth Center Preschool, a warm meal is only a few steps from the gym.

On the day we visited, the kids were dining on meatloaf.

I think most people can agree…there’s nothing sweeter than a child’s laughter.

That makes this even harder to hear…

“Those are homeless children or children who are at risk of homelessness. So I think that’s not maybe a typical student that you would see,” Jennifer Buell from Catholic Charities said.

But this isn’t a typical story…there’s a reason for all of that laughter.

That’s why Storm Team 10’s Eric Stidman presented Pam Otte with the Make a Difference Award for the month of March.

Miss Pam is the director of the Ryves Hall Preschool at Etling Hall.

For the kids, she is everything.

“When you listen to the stories of some of the children, you just can’t help but open your heart and want to help them, plus they are just so sweet, they’re fun they’re energetic. I mean they give me energy, so it’s all about them,” Miss Pam said.

Pam’s been at Ryves Hall for more than a decade. She has some stories that are hard to repeat.

“Children will come in here without underwear and socks,” she told us.

Her primary focus is getting the kids ready for school.

She makes sure their basic needs, like food and clothing, aren’t an issue.

If you know someone that goes above and beyond in your community, let us know right here.