Terre Haute Meals on Wheels could feel different impact if federal funds cut

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – There’s been talk across the country about the loss of funding for groups like Meals on Wheels.

Rita Kaperak with Terre Haute’s Meals on Wheels says the ringing of the phone has been a common sound lately.

She says a lot of people are scared.

“Our phone has been ringing off the hook with the recipients we have right now,” Kaperak said. “Am I still going to be able to get food? Am I still going to be able to pay each week? Am I going to have to like come to a site to eat? And I don’t have any way to get there I don’t have transportation. So yeah, there’s a lot of questioning going on.”

The good news is that the Terre Haute meals on wheels is a local program.

Meaning they don’t rely on federal funding.

Those getting meals have to pay $5.50 per day.

But the program could feel the impact in another way.

“We are expecting an increase because people that are on the other program if they get cut, you know, they may have to come to ours and find a different way to pay for food,” Kaperak said.

Last year the program served more than 36,000 meals.

Kaperak says that number could increase and so would the need for volunteers.

“We’ve been very fortunate we have gotten quite a few new volunteers in the last month or so,” Kaperak said. “And I think what you’re saying is right. They want the people to be able to stay in their home with dignity. They want the people to be able to not be hungry.”

Kaperak recommends calling lawmakers with your concerns.

Because funding cuts could cost those who need it most.

“I really felt like the government was understanding how important meals on wheels is to this country’s seniors and disabled. But evidently I was wrong.”

There are many opportunities for meals on wheels volunteers.

You can learn more by visiting their website.