The adorable survey that made a group of local 2nd graders go viral

VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s a story people, from across the country, are buzzing about. A group of 7 and 8-year-olds at North Vermillion Elementary School are under a national spotlight, and the reason is sure to make you smile.

Making math fun, a task that may sound tough, but Mrs. Porter was up for the challenge. “We are learning about graphs. I thought, we will create a Google Form with your questions that you want to ask people and we’ll put it out there. We’ll just see what happens,” she said.

Each 2nd grade student was allowed to contribute one thought-provoking question. Then, the survey was posted to the internet. “I put do you like ice cream,” said Kiara.  “I put do you write in cursive,” added Cambrea.

There are some controversial choices. Such as, what kind of food do you like, pizza or soup? “No matter your vote, it doesn’t really matter. It’s just something great everyone can be a part of,” said Porter.

The survey was posted on Tuesday, and by the following morning. “I opened up my laptop. 147,000 responses, and I just thought, this is getting huge. It just exploded,” said Porter.

Instead, the survey went ridiculously viral. Porter left the link up on the Smart Board so the class could watch the number continue to rise. As of Thursday afternoon, the survey had more than 230,000 responses. At one point, the site crashed.

“It feels amazing,” exclaimed Kiara.

Sorting the data is going to take a little longer than expected, but Porter said she doesn’t mind. “That’s just exciting that people are having these talks, all over the world, about these students in this room.”

Teaching the most valuable lesson of all. Sometimes, even the youngest minds can create a world-wide sensation.  “It feels great,” said Cambrea.

People from Finland, Tasmania, and even South Africa have responded to the survey. Don’t miss your chance. It will close tomorrow.

We’ve made it easy for you by providing a link.