“It’s grossly abnormal.” Dr. Kohr describes autopsy findings after 5-year-old girl dies weighing 16 pounds

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A thick folder, filled with files, sits on Dr. Roland Kohr’s desk. For more than a year it served as a tragic reminder. “I thought about it a fair amount, just because, it’s a dead child,” said Kohr, a Forensic Pathologist in Terre Haute. He conducted the autopsy in January of 2016.

Due to a delay in medical records, time passed, but Kohr never doubted neglect played a role in the death of the young girl, being referred to as A.M.

“I have kids of my own. Certainly, if they were that malnourished at the age of 5, that they weighed less than 20-pounds, that would be a red flag. There is a serious issue going on,” he said.

Kohr determined pneumonia and malnutrition as the official cause of death. A.M. weighed just 16-pounds.  “Malnutrition is rare on an autopsy report. You see the pictures and any reasonable person is going to say that’s grossly abnormal.”

In an assessment done by the Indiana Department of Child Services, the following is a history of the child’s weight:

January of 2016: 16.94 pounds (time of death)
December of 2015: 17.12 pounds (medical records)
November of 2013: 16 pounds (medical records)
July of 2012: 21 pounds (medical records)
September of 2011: 14 pounds (medical records)
April 2011: 8 pounds (Riley PEDS Unit)

The Department of Child Services spoke with Riley Development PEDS and learned that A.M. had not been seen in their office since July of 2012. According to medical records, A.M. was diagnosed with Microcephaly (small head), Mitochondrial Disorder and seizures.

Being blind, deaf, and mute, Kohr said A.M. should have seen a doctor on a regular basis. However, there were large gaps, sometimes more than a year, between hospital visits.

“You also get concerned about the fact that you have a child with pneumonia. Any responsible parent or caregiver, if a child is sick, would seek medical attention,” said Kohr.

The Vigo County Prosecutor’s Office released information on the arrests of two people, Brian Moseman and Tiffany Daugherty. Both are facing charges of neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

Overall, court documents indicate A.M. was not getting the amount of food she was required and she was also not receiving required medication.

“You get to the point where you think you’ve seen everything you can possibly see, and unfortunately that’s proven me wrong in the last month or so. Two cases of severe neglect in the past year. It bothers me,” said Kohr.

Daugherty and Moseman were booked into the Vigo County Jail on March 7. Both have a bond set at $75,000, cash only.