“…find out the real reason…” Four arrested in connection with death of 9-year-old claim innocence, claim the child was sick

Cameron Hoopingarner (provided photo)

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – The four suspects who were arrested Wednesday afternoon after a nine-year-old boy died weighing less than 15 pounds appeared in Vigo County Division 6  court on Thursday afternoon.

This case began when Vigo County Central Dispatch received a 911 call early Tuesday morning for a nine-year-old in cardiac arrest. He was taken to Union Hospital in Terre Haute, but was pronounced dead.

Vigo County Sheriff Ewing said the child, identified as Cameron Hoopingarner, suffered from cerebral palsy and was blind. During a press conference Sheriff Ewing stated Cameron required 24-hour care, was restricted to his bed and that he had never attended school.


Officials arrested Chad Kraemer, 33, Hubert Kraemer, 56, Robin Kraemer, 53, and Sarah Travioli, 30, for neglect of a dependent and neglect of a dependent resulting in death.

Hubert and Robin Kraemer were Cameron’s guardians. Officials stated during the press release that Cameron had been in their care since he was three-days old but none of them were biologically related to him.

“It makes me mad, makes me mad that somebody could do this to a child, let alone a child that has physical handicaps and was blind…was given to a guardian to take care of. And this is how he gets treated? This is what he deserves? To be starved to death? What kind of animals are they?” Sheriff Ewing said.

Top Left: Hubert Kraemer / Top Right: Sarah Travioli / Bottom Left: Chad Kraemer / Bottom Right: Robin Kraemer (Provided Photos)
Top Left: Hubert Kraemer / Top Right: Sarah Travioli / Bottom Left: Chad Kraemer / Bottom Right: Robin Kraemer (Provided Photos)

As the four suspects were being escorted from the jail to the courthouse, Chad Kraemer told our crew, “…do your jobs and find out the real reason” as to why they are in jail. Chad Kraemer stated Cameron died “because he was sick.”

During court all shook their head while their charges were being read and Sarah Travioli cried as the charges were read.

All four will be back in court next week. Their bond remains $250,000 with no 10 percent allowed and cash only.

News 10 will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest when information becomes available.

Editorial Note: As a rule, minors are usually not identified in criminal cases. But, Vigo County Sheriff Ewing stated they did not want the memory of Cameron to be forgotten and that is why they are releasing his name.