State changes school’s “F” grade


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana schools receive report cards of their own from the state.

The Department of Education stamped McLean High School with a failing grade in December. It’s one letter grade that principal Jeanne Conley finds doesn’t fit their focus.

“We appreciate their rubric but it’s very difficult for us to fit into that rubric,” said Conley.

That’s because the grade is based on I-Step scores and college and career preparation for all high schools.

But McLean isn’t a traditional school. It’s a stepping stone to get students back to their traditional high school.

“There’s great community support for this school because they recognize not every student learns the same way and some face challenges others don’t so they need a non-traditional setting,” said Conley.

So the school appealed the failing grade. On Tuesday afternoon, McLean found out their failing grade would be changed to no grade.

This means the Department of Education granted this local high school an exception so they wouldn’t be held to the state standard.

“We really feel good about this and it’s a real boost I think to be a no grade rather than an F,” said Conley.

It was important for McLean High School to appeal because a low-performing school can result in state intervention.

Now students can continue their path to a high school diploma without the worry of consequences of that failing grade.

“I just think everyone can continue about their business by learning and teaching and working with our students every day,” said Conley.

Conley says McLean’s funding remains the same as well.

Booker T Washington Alternative School has also appealed their failing grade. They are still waiting to hear back from the state on their decision.