Paris Community Hospital

Doctor Edward Rico, Endocrinologist at Paris Community Hospital and Family Medical Center, is talking about the study and treatment of conditions that involve the hormonal system in the body, t

This is typically with excess’s or deficiency of hormones that regulate metabolic processes within the body.

They see a broad range of patients with a variety of endocrine conditions. Most of the patients they see are for diabetes. Either patients with a more common, type two diabetes as well as patients that have less common type one diabetes.

There’s a subset of patients that really should be seen by endocrinology that have either rare or unusual issues.

For example, patients with type one diabetes, patients with blood sugar or thyroid trouble during pregnancy for example.

Many of those patients require specialized management and they will benefit by being seen by endocrinology.

For patients, whether they require service for an endocrinologist or not, we recommend discussing that with your primary care physician.