Youth camp to help area students land jobs in the future

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A new youth program aims to strengthen the local workforce, and it could give your child the edge over peers in the job market.

Never underestimate the power of being personable, that’s the message Baesler’s Market in Terre Haute stresses to each and every employee. “They’re called soft skills, but we definitely need another term, because they are almost mandatory for someone to be able to get a job,” said Bob Baesler, Owner of Baesler’s Market.

Earning a degree isn’t a stand out qualification anymore. While having great technical skills applies to the workforce, when it comes to the younger generation, people skills are rarer. “We basically eliminate them before we ever hire those people, and we see it more and more. This just makes an awful lot of sense as a good place to start with young people,” said Baesler.

Plans are underway for a unique nine-week summer camp, that many are already calling a game-changer for the area. “I guess I would call this a day camp with a purpose, and that purpose is employability skills,” said Eleanor Ramseier, Director of Camp Navigate.

From teamwork, to community service, the curriculum will focus on skill sets not always taught in the classroom.

“We think this is something that really needs to be done, not just for the betterment of our youth but for the betterment of our community,” said Ramseier.

Local business owners say some millennials are lacking much needed skills. “I think it’s going to be great for the community and the Wabash Valley,” said Baesler.

Camp Navigate will be for students entering kindergarten through 8th grade. It runs from June until August. Applications will be available online and at Baesler’s Market after March 1st.