Christian Hand Center

HI folks, Chris Glock here at the Christian Hand Center. You know I’m still the only full time upper extremity orthopedic hand surgeon in the Wabash Valley. I would like to talk to you today about carpi tunnel syndrome. I get questions all day long about carpi tunnel syndrome. People on the street, people who know me at church, and the question is, do I have carpi tunnel syndrome? I’ll ask them, do you have symptoms? Do you have numbness and tingling? Does it wake you up at night? Do you have trouble talking on your phone, driving a car, or reading a book? If you do have those symptoms and you have numbness and tingling in these three fingers, you may very well have carpi tunnel syndrome. Then the next question I always get is what can we do about it. Well we can do lots of things about it. We can do home things which include splinting and the use of an anti-inflammatory medication. Things like advil, ib profin, or alieve. That along with a splint can make a big difference. We usually have the patients wear the splints at night and during the day if they need. What else can we do for carpi tunnel? We can do an injection of steroid and we can even do surgery. Surgery should always be our last ditch effort. We should try something simple if we ca. So if any of this sounds familiar to you or anyone you know and you think that you or they might have carpi tunnel syndrome and you would like to come see us here at the Christian Hand Center, give us a call at 812-232-4036.