Bloomfield man formally charged with murder after missing Lawrence County man found dead

Provided photo of William Abel

GREENE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – A Bloomfield man has been charged with murder after a man who had been reported missing was found dead.

Greene County Sheriff’s Department reports Chase Aliano was reported missing to the Lawrence County Sheriff’s Department after hadn’t been seen since Jan. 31.

Aliano’s father told police the last he knew his son was traveling to Bloomfield to possibly sell firearms to William Abel.

On Feb. 4 officials were able to find the last known location of Aliano’s phone which led them to the Abel property. After receiving consent from property owner, police located the truck Aliano was driving on the property “partially hidden behind an old mattress and pallet that had been placed up against the vehicle,” the probable cause stated.

William Abel was transported to the Greene County Jail for questioning after he admitted to hiding the vehicle, the documents stated.

Officials report that during their interview with Abel, his story changed several times. At first Abel told police Aliano had not sold him any weapons, but had asked him to hide the truck as he was traveling to Indianapolis to buy drugs.

Court documents state that Abel’s story then changed, stating he and Aliano were firing the weapons on the property and Abel also told police they were both doing drugs at the time. “William reported they exited the cabin after shooting from the back deck of the cabin,” the probable cause stated. “William reported he turned back toward Chase and Chase was pointing his firearm at him. William said Chase fired at him from close range but missed.”

Abel told police he fired at Aliano several times and when he approached him on the ground, he was dead. Abel continued to tell police of how he hid Aliano’s body and burned his belongings and destroyed his phone.

“William was interviewed several times. On each occasion William stated he had difficulty remembering exact details of the shooting incident,” the probable cause stated. “William reported he had gone without sleep for several days as a result of his illegal drug use. William could not remember if Chase actually fired at him as reported in the initial interview.”

An autopsy was conducted at Terre Haute Regional Hospital on Feb. 6. Dr. Kohr’s preliminary results indicated that Aliano had been shot six times and that the patterns of the six gunshot wounds “are not consistent with the incident details as provided by William Abel.”

William Abel was booked into the Greene County Jail after 7 a.m. on Sunday on a charge of murder.  He has been formally charged with murder, obstruction of justice, theft and false informing. No bond has been set.

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