Off the Beaten Path: The Pinewood Derby

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – It’s a tradition that’s tried and true within The Boy Scouts of America organization.

The Pinewood Derby.

A local chairman is doing more than his part to ensure this tradition continues.

His focus is sharper than his saw. His fingers dance carefully around the blade.

Joe Robinson cuts out Pinewood Derby car for local boy scouts.

Three sessions in January.

For 22-years, he’s been helping father-son duo’s get three cars up to speed.

“It’s pretty cool, I’ve been doing it that long that now I’m seeing the second generation of kids doing it,” Robinson said.

But it’s not as easy for every scout.

“We see a lot of single parent kids coming in,” Robinson told us. “It’s hard for us right now after losing his dad in November.”

His dad fell victim to a massive heart attack three months ago, it’s not any easier for his mom, Cindy.

It’s a couple hour for the kids through the years to have a role model and a pal.