Unsettled winter weather pattern

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Roller coaster temperatures, cold snaps, and warm spells – all terms you’ve probably heard Storm Team 10 use this winter.

Between forecasting record highs, bitter-cold lows, inundating rain, and thunderstorms, mother nature has been all over the place. If you need proof, just check highs and lows in Terre Haute through Jan. 24th as sjanuary-tempseen in the picture on the right. We had one night below zero and four days in the 60s. Between the warmest and coldest temp we have temperature range of 66 degrees! We even set a record high (63°) on the 11th a little after 9 o’clock at night.

Let’s talk about why we’re seeing these sharp contrasts…

We’re in a La Nina pattern caused by cooler waters over the pacific. It usually puts a jet stream over us favoring copious amounts of rain or snow and higher temps. Monthly average temps are higher and as of 1/25, we’re carryla-nina2ing a little more than a 2.00″ surplus in the precipitation department. The Climate Prediction Center forecasts we’ll exit La Nina next month meaning precipitation levels could go down, but temps could stay above average for several months.

According to our very own Chief Meteorologist Kevin Orpurt, we’re still in for a few cold spells.

“Just because a La Nina pattern is in effect doesn’t mean that we can’t have another cold snap or two,” urged Orpurt. “In fact it looks like that could be happening in the not too distant future. ”

No matter what happens, Storm Team 10 will be with you every step of the way.