Milburn Healthmart Pharmacy

Hi I’m Ed Walker from Milburn Healthmart Pharmacy in Sullivan.  Today Im going to take a little bit about our new program called Meds to Beds. It’s a joint adventure with Sullivan County Hospital. With me today is Devin Ice, our clinical pharmacist, who is going to tell us a little about the details. The purpose of the program is to get the patient their medication before they leave the hospital, because stats show 30-40% of people never end up picking up their prescriptions. That leads to hospital readmissions. We are hoping by this we can cut down readmission rates and to help the patient get better quicker. So anyone who is in the hospital in Sullivan County is eligible for this program. It is free of charge to the patient. All they need to do is talk to our Meds to Bed program coordinator at the hospital and they will be enrolled and we will take care of them.