Fork in the Road: Dawgleg Restaurant at Idle Creek Golf Course

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Do you know what golf and horseshoes have in common?

Well, they are both hobbies and/or sports, but did you know one of them is edible, too?

And, if it involves food, you know the Fork in the Road Crew is there. That is why they headed to the DawglLeg Restaurant at Idle Creek Golf Course.

Head Chef Ron Mason says it’s all about feeling relaxed and at home.

“You can be in here in shorts and a tee shirt and sitting next to a guy in a 3-piece suit and you both fit in,” he explained.

Looking at the menu they serve a wide variety of dishes, but the crew was there for a trio of sandwiches.

“You know when you make a sandwich it’s not supposed to be from a package, it wasn’t originated that way we just institutionalized it over the years,” Mason explained. “But if you go back to when grandma was cooking and you’re a little boy stirring the noodles that wasn’t coming out of a package.”

First on the list is the Reuben and then a burger called the Juicy Lucy.

“A Juicy Lucy originated in Minnesota. There’s two bars that actually say they created it. One is Matt’s Bar and the other one is the Five Eight Lounge. And it has the cheese in the middle.”

And last but not least the Horseshoe Burger.

“I take two pieces of Texas Toast just like it was originally done, use burgers, put the fries on top, cheese sauce over that and then we use two beer battered onion rings on top just to put a signature on it.”

The horseshoe was definitely the Fork in the Road favorite of the three, and it is filling. In fact, Mike Latta had to throw in the towel.

No matter what sandwich or dish you choose, Ron is looking for one result.

“You always want them to walk away with how they had a great meal and won’t forget it.”

For more information on the Dawgleg Restaurant at Idle Creek Golf Course, check out their website!