Happy 10th birthday, iPhone!

CUPERTINO, CA (WCMH) — Ten years ago today, Steve Jobs introduced a device that would change the world forever.

In the decade since the announcement, the iPhone has revolutionized the way we communicate. At Macworld 2007, Jobs — Apple’s then-CEO — referred to the device as three products in one: “a widescreen iPod with touch controls, a revolutionary mobile phone and a breakthrough internet communications device.”

Credit: Apple

It wasn’t long until the iPhone was the standard-bearer when it came to mobile device capabilities. Just this last July, Apple announced the sale of the billionth iPhone. Though sales have declined in recent years, the newest generation, the iPhone 7, sold out in just hours after its release.

Today, Apple’s current CEO says the revolution will continue, hinting at more changes for the iPhone 8, due for release this fall.

“iPhone is an essential part of our customers’ lives, and today more than ever it is redefining the way we communicate, entertain, work and live,” Tim Cook said. “iPhone set the standard for mobile computing in its first decade and we are just getting started. The best is yet to come.”