Fork in the Road: Big Willy’s Lakehouse

BRAZIL, Ind. (WTHI) –  Our Fork in the Road crew heard about a restaurant with great steaks and fish…among many other things in Brazil.

Steak and fish? Yeah, our crew had to go check it out.

They went to Big Willy’s Lakehouse to see if the food met the Fork in the Road seal of approval.

When Jason Trainor opened Big Willy’s in September, he had one thing in mind.

“Making people happy…and food is one of those things that do that…ya know?” Jason told our crew.

With a view like the one you’ll catch at Big Willy’s, we wondered if the food could measure up.

We asked Jason what the most popular choices were.

“The Big Willy Ribeye originated back in the late 90’s when I use to cook at home as a teenager…as a football guy, ya know? I had to eat so I learned how to cook steak really food. My parents worked a lot so I always called it the Big Willy Ribeye.”

Along with family recipes that his late parents use to make.

“My parents have passed away so I brought in my dad’s catfish. He was always a fisherman and loved to cook catfish. He would have all of his buddies over and we’d have a fish fry,” Jason said.

Click play on the video to see what the crew thought of the food!

Spoiler alert…they loved it.

If you want to go check out their food, check out their Facebook page right here for hours and their location.