The last guard off ‘The Rock’ is a Wabash Valley native

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – It was a place to put away the worst of the worst.

“If you break the rules you go to prison. If you break the prison rules you go to Alcatraz.” Jim Albright told us.

Jim was only looking for a job when he went to work at the famous rock. He left with something much bigger.

“I went from wanting a job to be a part of history,” he said.

More on that in just a minute.

If you hear Alcatraz you instantly think hard-core criminals.

“You always kept in the back of your mind, if you’re in the way and they’re trying to get through…they are going to kill you,” Albright said.

But he lives on to tell the tale….to visit for reunions and write a book about his experience.

“Me, being the last guard out and escorting the last inmate out just happened,” Jim said.

That’s right, Jim was the last guard out.

He is one of the last members of a small fraternity with the first-hand experience on the island.

He’s often fielding questions from people he’s just met.

“It came out that you worked at Alcatraz, they backed up a little bit from you…like you were going to get them. It just, it had a mystique about it and it still does,” Jim told us,

What started as a job turned into history in the making, and who better to tell it than the last man on the rock.