Davies Hospital Community Wound Center

Hi I’m Demetri Poulis and I’m a board certified general surgeon. I work here at the Davies Hospital Community Wound Center. I’ve been in practice for about thirty years, and have run wound centers for the past 20 years. The kinds of patients we see at the Davies County Community Wound Center typically are diabetics. Otherwise there are people who just fall and injure their legs or their arms. We see people who have had cancers who have radiation treatments and need help healing their wounds on their scalp or their abdomen, chest, so forth. The wound center at Davies Community Hospital has the advantage of being multi-disciplinary. We have physical therapist, we have nurses with background of being in the hospital. I’m a board certified general surgeon, and I’ve dealt with wounds all my life. The kinds of therapy we offer here at the wound center can include wound debridements, wound evaluation, compression therapies that’s help when people have lymphedema or swelling in their lymph, we offer skin substitutes. So if you need any more information feel free to contact us at the Davies County Community Hospital Wound Center.