Off the Beaten Path: House of Music

PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Music minded folks in Parke County are working hard to bring new entertainment to town.

Their efforts are so everyone can enjoy some serious sound…in a unique venue.

Memorial Presbyterian Church.

It’s a holy haven on one corner of the square in Rockville.

But here lately…

“The pastor of the church came to us and said ‘you know, our church is made for music, we’d like you to do it here.”

That was Jack Shannon from the Parke County Music Guild.

This hundred-year-old house of God doubles as a concert hall.

“The minute I walked in here, I thought, I like this. I just got a really great feeling,” musician Robert Bolin said.

About once a month, a not for profit group called the Parke County Music Guild brings professional acts to this tiny town.

“We want to make Parke County the go-to place for great, live music,” singer-songwriter Wil Manning said. “I’m more attracted to rural areas and the people that live in rural area and my songs that I write all kind of have a lot to that theme in it.”

There’s an intimate audience, constantly captivated.

With every strum of the bass and saw on the fiddle…you feel an energy in the hallowed halls.