Kevin’s Winter Weather Forecast: How do I do it?

WABASH VALLEY, Ind. (WTHI) – This might be one of the most anticipated reports we bring you every year.

We are talking about my Winter Weather Forecast.

This year’s editions starts in the classroom.

I taught students…and the rest of us some of the signs I use to forecast winter weather.

Every year, I do the winter forecast and use a method he learned from my grandmother.

There are natural signs that function on this planet that can give us an indication of how future weather will bring.

Did you know that before a more harsh winter acorns tend to be bigger from an oak tree?

When I was in grade school, we were pretty much taught that the sun was pretty stable…pretty much all of the .

Then we started looking at it and had the instruments to study it and realized that sometimes the sun flares up a little bit and becomes active, and sometimes it dies down and becomes a little less active.

Sometimes you’ll see these black dots on the sun….these are sunspots.

When the sunspots are on the sun, the earth tends to warm up a little bit. I can tell you right now that the last time I looked, there was one sunspot on the sun.

Back to the classroom, I asked the students what they thought it would be temperature-wise this winter.

They thought it would be colder…and I think they’re right!

Have you heard about persimmon seeds?

Well, if you cut them open and there is a spoon inside…that means there will be a lot of snow.

I’ve had a lot of people tell me…and I’ve checked persimmon seeds myself, and I’ve seen a lot of spoons!

There’s an old saying that says a warm November means a cold February.

We’ve had a warm November…so if that old saying holds true we will have a cold February.

Now, I’ve told you a few of the tools I use to predict the Winter Weather Forecast…but what will it be?

I’ll have that answer on Tuesday!