Gary’s Good News: Local film making group creating a buzz in Linton

LINTON, Ind. (WTHI) – They might not be cranking out blockbuster movies, but a Wabash Valley film making group is certainly creating a buzz.

Have you ever taken a walk and felt like someone is out there?

Well if you’re in Linton, chances are it’s just the folks from Moonlight Films hard at work on their latest project.

“We’re actually balancing two films,” Ian Mair, filmmaker. “We have a horror anthology movie called “Graveyard Stories” that we’ve been working on extensively and then we’ve also been working on this sort of science fiction project that we’re shooting today.”

It’s a lot of work for a group with some small beginnings.

“Me and Ian started hanging out in the second grade like he said. And started making movies when we were about nine,” explained James Stevenson, filmmaker. “My mom used to make costumes for us and everything. And we would run around and the neighbors wouldn’t really know what we were doing.”

Ian and James began cutting their teeth, bringing in their friends as the actors. Pulling ideas for their new passion from the past.

“We always liked horror films. But we really like horror films of the golden age of horror films,” said Ian Black and white Universal monsters. We found family and friends or friends of my parents would come over. I’d have a script written and we’d do our lines.”

The films became more polished. What began as just two friends with an old camcorder, evolved into a bit more.

“We brought on Terra Bixler a little later on and some other people,” Ian said. “Did more of a local group with it. That group over time has really expanded and we’ve got people as far as California and New York involved, and Nashville Tennessee.”

And although the group’s reach has stretched beyond the Wabash Valley, the filmmakers still keep the work local.

“At first, locally, people didn’t really understand what we were doing,” said Ian.

“As we’ve done more and more and more, people have really started to come to us,” James said. “It used to be we had to go ask people about playing parts. Now we have people writing us wanting to know if they can be involved.”

Taking a small hobby between two friends and turning it into a community following. For more information on their work, check out their Facebook page!