Harasha Behavioral Center

Hello, my name is Molly Price I’m from Harasha Behavioral Center. At Harsha Behavioral Center I am the Director of Marketing. And then I also do the Education for the Hospitals. Harsha Behavioral Center, weve been open since 2008. We are very excited about our new adventure. We’ve been building a new state of the art hospital for the past year. Currently at our hospital we have 44 beds where we see acute psychiatric patients from ages 3-17. We also have a geriatric wing, we work with geriatrics 55 and over. Our state of the art hospital is opening up December 19, 2016. We are so very excited that we will be able to serve children that have autism, on the spectrum we will have a wing dedicated just for them. So with our new hospital opening, we are very excited about the new adventures. Mid 2017 we are excited we will be having an adult wing as well. If anyone has any questions about the hospital or what we do, please feel free to call the hospital at 812-298-8888. Or you can visit our website at www.harshacenter.com. And again we look forward to seeing everybody at our open house the week of December 12.