Milburn Health Mart Pharmacy

Hi I’m Ed Walker from Milburn Health Mart Pharmacy here in Sullivan. Today we are going to discuss specialty Medicine. Specialty Pharmacy Medicine is the fastest growing prescription medicine on the drug market. It is typically used to treat chronic or rare diseases. They have high cost. They can be administered by injection, inhalation or orally. They may require supervision or monitoring of the patient, special drug handling and administered processes. This have higher cost than traditional products. They target a small number of patients. They require extra patient training. Management to make sure that the patient takes them. They have grown form 90 drugs to well over 600 specialty drugs. Some of the conditions treated by specialty drugs are cancer, Crohn’s, hepatitis C, multiple sclerosis, infertility, and rheumatoid arthritis. Traditionally people get these medicines through mail order, but Millburn pharmacy has now formed a partnership where we can offer these medicines, the services, the training locally here to take care of the Wabash valley. That’s Milburn Health Mart Pharmacy on the South side of the square in Sullivan.