Terre Haute Regional Hospital

My name is Ashlee, I’m currently the Sepsis coordinator at Terre Haute Regional Hospital. The Indiana Hospital Association has designated September as Sepsis Awareness Month. So some of the things that were talking about in this campaign is what Sepsis is. It’s basically your body’s response to a really bad infection.  What we want you to look for in yourself or in others is watch for signs of an infection that isn’t going away. So you have a non-healing wound, you have a really high temperature, a really low temperature, chills or some really bad pain, you feel like your heart rate is really high, your breathing really fast, or some people would complain of confusion. Some of them might say they just don’t see normal. That can all be signs of the severe infection and reasons to seek care immediately. You could have anything ranging from tissue damage, ordinance dysfunction, or can even cause death. Immunizations are extremely important to prevent this. Illness such as flu or ammonia can really cause really significant illness’s down the road that can lead to Sepsis. It will not only keep yourself healthy, it will keep those individuals in your community that are at higher risk. If you’re healthy and you’re not going around spreading all those germs then others will be healthy as well.