Off the Beaten Path: “Step Back to Basics”

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Addiction can be a powerful thing.

One local non for profit group is working to combat that.

They’re officially called “Step Back to Basics” but to refer to what they do as the “one step program.”

“You ever heard that saying an idle mind is a devils playground?”

It is a dangerous place to be.

“You sit and you do nothing and the only thing you can do is just think.”

The lines of life can tell you almost anything, if you’re paying attention.

“People have got to get to the bottom before they can get back up to the top.”

Rings around the inside of a tree telling it age. Veins bulging out of a young man’s arm showing the work he’s done.

Or the scars that run across them, reminders of his dark past.

“It really just felt like there was no end and I didn’t really believe in God but I prayed you know that he’d get me out of it because I didn’t know how,” explained Sergei Husler, Step Back to Basics worker.

The prayers led Sergei to a place tucked next to a railroad crossing in Terre Haute. A non-for-profit group called “Step Back to Basics.”

“It’s not what brought me here I guess it’s what made me stay. I stayed because I liked it. I came because of necessity,” Sergei said.

A former addict himself, Director Donnie Townsend supervises young men with a troubled past who come here for a fresh start.

Sawing, splitting, and stacking… What started as a means to heat the temporary homes for these men has turned into a business that’s helping fund the project.

“So we’re taking a product that’s disregarded by society, and we’re taking humans that nobody wants to mess with. Even people in the churches are afraid to mess with people that have been on drugs they don’t want to get them too close in their life,” Donnie stated.

And it’s here, hundreds of men just like Sergei have gotten back on their feet.

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