Daviess Community Hospital

Hello my name is Scott Sell. I’m the director of Athletic Training and Outreach services for Daviess Community Hospital. I’m from Terre Haute, so hello to everyone back at home. Were super excited to be in the process of expanding our athletic training in an outreach program. Were very excited to be in the process of growing and expanding our athletic training not only to High Schools in the area, but also to youth sports and the industrial setting. Knowing that our industrial folks can suffer the same types of injuries as athletes. At Davies Community Hospital we are very proud to be a pilot sight for athletic trainer reimbursement within the state of Indiana. That means that athletic trainers are not able to see patients in an outpatient therapy clinic, help them recover from their injury, do their physical therapy and rehabilitation, and also build those insurance companies. It’s very exciting to have two counties in the viewership area, both represented in this pilot program with Daviess Community Hospital and Indiana State. For more information about our athletic training services you can contact me directly or you can go to our website.

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