Clay County Podiatry

The foot is a region of the body instead of just one system. So there is a variety of problems the feet can experience. There is skin, nails, skin and bone, nerves, vessels. So there is a variety of ways that foot pain and problems can manifest.  It can be anything from an ingrown toenail, fungal nails, anything that can go on with skin can happen on the feet, of course athlete’s foot or fungal infection of the skin is quite common. Calluses, which are buildup of skin in areas of pressure. You can have bone deformities. Things that either you’re born with. A lot of people born with flat feet, but they can also develop over time. Usually bunions for instance are something that develop over time, but the tendency for them is inherited. For more information you can give us a call at 812-448-9290 or visit us online at

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