Fork in the Road: Grandma Vera’s

WEST TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – If you’re a fan of fried chicken, then you will want to see this.

It’s not uncommon for Chief Photojournalist Mike Latta to get tips on great places to eat…and that exactly what happened when he was in West Terre Haute.

A viewer told Mike about a place where the fried chicken was the best.

They also mentioned homemade rolls and made from scratch desserts and pies.

When Mike heard that, he grabbed the rest of the Fork in the Road team and headed off to Grandma Vera’s Cafe and Bakery.

At Grandma Vera’s Cafe and Bakery owner Tammy Higginbotham starts the work day the very same way…

“I’ll say good morning tot hem and it’s just part of my routine.”

Tammy’s late parents Donald and Vera Creasey look after her and her family at the cafe.

Tammy and her daughters Chastity and Latisha opened the cafe in honor of their Grandma Vera.

“I grew up helping my mom because she worked for Grandma Joy’s and the Robin’s Nest for many many years…so I’m back there helping her roll rolls and helping her with the noodles and that kind of thing. So, I kind of grew up with it,” Tammy said.

Home cooked meals are what they are known for here, but on Fridays they serve fried chicken.

“I love our fryer, it’s called a Henny Penny, and it kind of holds all the juices in the chicken at the same time as frying it…and that’s a major part of it,” Tammy told our crew.

Another part of what makes this chicken so good is the recipe that’s been handed down to the family…don’t bother asking Tammy for it.

Our crew was a big fan of the food…from the fried chicken to the rolls.

But Tammy will tell you the most important thing she wants her customers to walk away with…a full stomach and a happy stomach.

“I feel if you go to a restaurant and you walk away hungry, we didn’t do our job,” Tammy said.

For more information on Grandma Vera’s, click here.

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