Off the Beaten Path: Christmas in July

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Almost anyone can relate to having some sort of hobby…anything you could do for fun.

Hobbies relieve stress from work, pass the time, and sometimes grow into an even bigger part of your life.

“I get up real early while it’s cool, and I quit about noon.”

Even the sultry summer sizzle can’t keep Doris Patterson out of her garden.

She’s 87 years-old…and this summer, it’s her blackberry patch that’s thriving the most.

“Tomorrow I’ll get two buckets fulls of them, they’ll be black,” Doris said.

She’s lived here since 1952, that’s when her husband built the place.

That was just the beginning of building over the course of a 67-year marriage.

“I’ve got a poem about it, it’s spring, it’s fall, and then all of the sudden it’s Christmas…meaning your life…it’s neat,” she said.

With Doris though, it’s Christmas year around.

Doris and her husband Pat started collecting Santas years ago, then, they started making them.

Pat cut them out and Doris would paint them. Suddenly their house was a home lined with Christmas cheer.

A true testament to teamwork.

“We shared everything…we went every place together. If we went to get a hamburger we went together,” Doris told us.

But a couple of years ago…it stopped.

“You’ve got to have the desire too and when you lose your partner you don’t really have the desire like you did to do things, you know. I try to make myself do it but it’s hard to do,” she said.

On June 8th, 2014…Pat passed away.

“Every once in a while I find something that I’d like to have cut out and see I don’t have any way to get it cut out now that he died,” Doris said.

Doris still paints, but it’s not the same. It’s living proof that love does exist…and together, anything is possible. Even Christmas in July.

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