Fork in the Road: The Hitchin Post

HEBRON, Ill. (WTHI) – It’s not uncommon for the Fork in the Road crew to get emails from viewers telling them about new eateries to try.

But one way to get Chief Photojournalist Mike Latta’s attention is talking great food, great service, and oh…pie. Pie always works.

Well, it was one of those emails that took them to a little spot in New Hebron, Illinois.

That spot is called the Hitchin Post Restaurant.

Vicki and Tim Inboden built the restaurant about two years ago.

Vicki’s mother Alice, or as she’s known around here, Mimi, runs the kitchen.

“My mom and I have about 106 years between the two of us, I’ve always been out in front and she’s been in the back…she’s cooked,” Vicki told us.

Everything that is served from this kitchen is made fresh and from scratch.

The Beef Manhattan and the Breaded Tenderloin is what put them on the map…so, of course, our crew needed to try both.

Other things the crew tried was the Coral Burger, with chili and onion rings, the Rocky Mountain Horseshoe made with tater tots, and a breaded pork chop you could cut with a fork.

Our viewer that emailed the tip told the crew they needed to try the pie, though.

Vicki said their most popular pies are the coconut cream and Spanish cream.

No matter what you choose , though, the team at the Hitchin Post says they want their customers to walk away happy.

To learn more, head over to their Facebook page. You can find directions and photos.

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