Off the Beaten Path: Giving heroes new hope

SULLIVAN COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – The familiar sites of the peaceful countryside in rural Indiana. Whether it be a hillside horse, an old oil rig standing tall in the field or, a band of light peeking through the cloud cover like eyebrows of the sky.

It’s the beautiful face of this landscape that makes it the perfect location for a one of a kind gathering.

“You wouldn’t be able to find this just everywhere in America,” said Eric Marts, Master Sergeants. “I think it says something about your community here.”

But, it takes more than this tranquil terrain. It takes a vision like the one Lonnie possesses, even without eyesight.

“His attitude is so infectious I mean he’s positive, he’s motivating and you get around that type of guy you just can’t help but be positive and motivating yourself,” Bill Murphy, Gunnery Sgt. – Marines – said.

Five legally blind veterans from across the Midwest traveled to the Wabash Valley to go turkey hunting.

“This event, getting to come up here and spend some time with fellow blinded veterans and do some hunting, is just outstanding. Words can’t express how grateful I am for being here,” Danny Wallace, Army Ranger First Sergeant, said.

Provided equipment, a volunteer guide and a product called the I-Scope that attaches to the scope of a gun.

It provides the guide with a clear look of where the gun is aimed.

Then, each guide traces his hunter’s back to point him toward the target and when the target is in the crosshairs.

A process a little more involved, but the end result – the same.

Veterans who gave up their eyesight for our freedom, gathered together for a free week of fun in the great outdoors.

All because of people right here in our backyards, dedicated to giving heroes new hope.

The people who organized this event want to make similar events happen at least three times per year. They are in the process of starting a non for profit organization called  the “Heroes New Hope Foundation.”

If you’d like to contribute to this organization, you can reach organizers at 812-243-4276.

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