Golden Apple Award 2016: Annie McCammon

WTHI Photo, Scott Arnold

CARLISLE, Ind. (WTHI) – Day three of 2016 Golden Apple awards and the News 10 crew headed to Carlisle to present the award to Annie McCammon.

“Teachers aren’t made in college, I think they are born and growing up all my papers on what you wanted to be, I started off wanting to be a mom,” she explained. “And so now every year I get a new batch of kids, so I continue to be a mom even in the classroom.”

Mrs. McCammon has been teaching for 17 years and started her career in the Vincennes School Corporation. She was there for 16 years but is now a First Grade teacher at Carlisle Elementary School.

“Annie McCammon is a home run! I have had the opportunity to get to know her in different levels this year,” Principal Glenda Jones told News 10. “And just everything she does, she’s all about the kids – her heart, her passion is just 100 percent behind the kiddos. And she will do anything and everything that any student needs. Even a birthday present, I met her in Walmart one morning, she was buying a birthday present for a kiddo just to make sure their day was special.”

Mrs. McCammon is described as one of those teachers who are extremely focused on each and every child. She is up at the board a lot, then she is on the flood with the kids and then in small circles with them.

“There was a little girl named Molly, love her. Her last day of 5th grade she was moving and she gave me a rock and she said ‘You were my rock.’ I still have that rock.’

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