Golden Apple Award 2016: Chelsea Kaericher

WTHI Photo, Mike Latta

RICHLAND COUNTY, Ill. (WTHI) – We are starting the 2016 Golden Apple Awards with Chelsea Kaericher who is a chemistry teacher at Richland County High School.

“I love science because the world revolves around science,” she told News 10. “Everything that happens in our bodies, everything that happens around us, the weather, how our cars work, you know every single thing we do every day is science. And to me there is nothing cooler, nothing better than learning why things happen.”

This is Chelsea’s seventh year in education.

“In talking with Miss Kaericher over the years, I know that one of the reasons she got into teaching was of I think her experience here at the school system here, the district,” explained Chad Lecrone, Principal at Richland County High School. “And wanting to do that herself because she had some very influential teachers throughout her career.”

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